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Our Tuning Services

At Ski Cellar Snowboard we pride ourselves in providing world-class expertise when it comes to our tuning services. We are a full-fledged tuning and repair shop and therefore we are prepared for any tuning or repair job that you may need no matter how large or small.

Skis and snowboards typically get some base damage during the season, usually from going over a rock that’s not completely covered by snow.  Also, rust and burrs on your edges can cause drag and slow you down on firm snow, so getting rid of these abrasions can help improve performance.

Your skis or snowboard should only require a full base tune once or twice a year.  A full tune will ensure that your bases are flat, that any scrapes and gouges are filled, that the edges are sharpened, and that your bindings are properly adjusted.  Our services include:

Package A:  Sharpen & Wax      ($50.00)

This is for a customer whose ski/snowboard just needs fresh edges. We will Sharpen Your Edges. The edges of your ski/snowboard are sharpened (1°base edge/2° side) using the NEW GRIP TECK edging from Montana. This is the most precise edge available! We will Apply Future Wax.  Future wax is the deep penetration of wax using modern infrared heat technology.

Package B:  Tune-Up      ($60.00)

This is for a customer whose ski/snowboard needs fresh edges and the base levelled. We will perform all the services of a Sharpen & Wax and we will also Level the Base using our state-of-the-art Montana Crystal Rock Tuning Robot. We will also Add Structure to the Base.  A Fine linear structure is imprinted in the polished base of your ski/snowboard for a smooth consistent ride in all snow conditions. (This package does not include any P-Tex work or any repairing of scratches or holes.)

Package C:  Tune-Up Plus      ($80.00 and up)

This is for a customer whose ski/snowboard needs fresh edges, a level base, and some additional repairs. We will perform all the services of a Tune-Up and we will also Repair the Base.  The scratches, holes, or other damages to the base of your ski/snowboard will be repaired using polyethylene (P-Tex). We use full extrusion as well as custom spot and epoxy as needed. Extra P-Tex charges may apply if the base of your ski/snowboard is heavily damaged.

Additional Services

In Addition to the above package services, we are also pleased to provide the following additional services:

Our Snowboard Services  
     Snb Base Grind $35.00
     Snb Binding Mount $20.00
     Snb Express Wax & Sharpen $95.00
Our Ski Services  
     Cut Poles $10.00
     Ski H-Coil (Plastic)   $5.00
     Ski Base Grind $35.00
     Ski H-Coil (Metal) $10.00
     Ski Express Wax & Sharpen $95.00
     Ski Binding Adjust $20.00
     Ski Binding Mount $65.00
     Ski Binding Remount $85.00
Our Ski and Snowboard Services  
     Plates-Install $15.00
     Liner Expansion Quote
     Shell Punching Quote
     Ski/Snb Wax Future $35.00
     Ski/Snb Machine Wax $15.00
     Spring Storage Wax Full Tune $75.00
     Base Extrusion Quote
     P-Tex Quote
     Junior Tune (130Cm Or Less) $50.00
     Miscellaneous Repairs Quote
     Edge Repairs Quote
     Base Patch Quote
     Boot Heat Molding $65.00
     Shell Grinding Quote
     Boot Fitting Quote
     Boot/Buckle Repair Quote
     Boot Routering $60.00
     Booster Strap Install $25.00
     Boot Heater Swap $35.00
     Boot Heater Install $25.00