Investing in top quality skis and snowboards is only a smart investment if you take the time to properly maintain them.  Your equipment needs regular attention to keep it performing at its peak.  So, if you’ve been on the mountain more than five times without having your gear tuned, it’s time. 


It is a misconception that a freshly waxed ski or snowboard will go faster.   A properly waxed ski or snowboard will glide smoother and make it easier to turn.  There are also different waxes for different temperatures and different types of snow.  Let our knowledgeable staff help you choose what is best for you.


Skis and snowboards typically get some base damage during the season, usually from going over a rock that’s not completely covered by snow.  Also, rust and burrs on your edges can cause drag and slow you down on firm snow, so getting rid of these abrasions can help improve performance.

Your skis or snowboard should only require a full base tune once or twice a year.  A full tune will ensure that your bases are flat, that any scrapes and gouges are filled, that the edges are sharpened, and that your bindings are properly adjusted. 

Your fun is our obsession:)