1. Hot shots, cozy underwear and heated socks and mitts to keep you warm on a winter’s day.

  2. Boots – full year boot fit guarantee, amazing boot fitters and they are cute!

  3. We do not discriminate between planks – ski or snowboard we love it all.

  4. We have ALL the best brands and we price match 24/7/365 

  5. Our parking lots have nicer people in them, they don’t try to run you over or steal your spot.

  6. Support Local – 72 years in Calgary, you can’t get too much more local than that, dang it!

  7. Our staff like sliding on snow, and kids, and puppies and most of all snow! 

  8. We are happy to help you even if you don’t ski or snowboard – winter arrives December 21 and everyone deserves to stay warm

  9. Socks! Socks! Socks! (Peter!!!) and sooooo many gloves (Jean!!!)

  10. Gear that makes winter fun because your FUN is Our Obsession and always has been.

  11. Belts that fit any snowperson and won’t give you a muffin top!

  12. We have stuff going on sale soon that you really actually want!