STore Locations

Since 1946, the Sportsman Ltd has turned into Southern Alberta's premier boutique ski and snowboard store called Ski Cellar Snowboard, which has three locations across Calgary.  

As we mark our 72nd year in business, come visit us this year and see what the hype is all about with our people focused on delivering the best customer experience for whomever that enters our doors.

Your fun is our obsession.

Midtown Ski Cellar Snowboard

1442 17 Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T: (403) 245-4311


North Calgary Ski Cellar Snowboard

11 Bowridge Drive N.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T: (403) 247-3320


South Calgary Ski Cellar Snowboard

5809 Macleod Trail South West
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T: (403) 253-7788


Hours of Operation

Sunday & Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00am to 6:00pm