K2 Lime Lite

K2 Lime Lite


Lights, camera, shredding! Put yourself in the spotlight with the K2 Lime Lite Snowboard.

Last year, the K2 Lime Lite hits Transworld Snowboarding’s Good Wood 2019 Choice of the Year.

Its women's specific Rhythm Core™ reinforced with Carbon Torque Forks™ provides a responsive yet forgiving feel that is stable through turns and reliable in the park. Perfect your flat land tricks or get into a groove on the groomers with this stable but tweakable all-mountain slaying machine.

Lap after lap, from the summit to the final booter on the K2 Lime Lite Snowboard!


  • Combination Camber Baseline™ –  The best of both worlds. By blending both traditional camber and rocker profiles, Combination Camber gives you all the benefits of both; the pop and precision of camber, and the float and predictability of rocker. 

  • Tweekend™ –  Tweekend™ is simply taking the rocker and camber profile of the board and extending that profile into the tip and tail. This allows you to use the whole board as stable platform for pressing butters, floating in powder and landing big hits.

  • Flex Rating –  2 (1 Soft - 5 Stiff)

  • True Twin

  • Rhythm Core™ –  Uniquely shaped and designed to complement the mechanics, geometry, and riding style of female snowboarders. 

  • Biaxial Glass –  Smooth all-purpose performance with a no-frills design. Fibers are woven together at 0°. This makes for a more responsive ride longitudinally and torsionally. 

  • Carbon Torque Forks –  K2 keeps their carbon simple by placing it from the binding to the contact points of the board for a more responsive and stable ride.

  • Hybritech™ Sidewalls –  Hybritech™ is the most efficient way to make a snowboard without sacrificing one ounce of performance. Featuring sidewalls along the running surface that flow into the nose and tail, providing low swing-weight while extending the wood core all the way to the tip of the board for optimized turning initiation and durability.

  • 2000 Extruded Base –  The easiest base material to maintain and repair in snowboarding.

  • Binding Compatibility - 2 x 4 Inserts

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