Ride Warpig

Ride Warpig


Intentionally shorter, stouter, and more maneuverable than most boards you've ridden, the Ride Warpig Snowboard quickly snowballed into one of the most sought after decks of the last couple seasons.

Back with the same proven tapered directional rocker shape, the Warpig can rip the park, float through deep snow like a board twice its size and yet also navigate tight trees with super snappy precision.

Cap things off with Rides renowned durability thanks to Roll-In Slimewall® sidewalls and 50% thicker Cleave Edge™ steel edges and you'll see why the Ride Warpig Snowboard is one of the revered snow sliders in all the land.


  • Directional Rocker –  A directional shape built with true rocker throughout the tip and tail.

  • Medium Flex

  • Bi-Radial Sidecut –  Combining a tight radius at the tip to provide quick, effortless turn initiation, with a wide radius at the tail to support a smooth and stable turn exit, this sidecut design maximizes grip while minimizing any loss of speed

  • CorePerformance™ Core –  High strength Aspen is combined with Bamboo and lightweight Paulownia wood to provide the perfect balance of strong and light

  • Carbon Array™ 3 Laminates –  This power distribution technology provides total board control in every stance location. Widespread carbon stringers placed at the binding zone gather input from any stance width and all pressure angles. Rider input is then channeled to the opposing contact point for maximum board control.

  • Hybrid Glass –  Reinforced w/ triaxial fiberglass on top, biaxial on base; balanced torsional flex and stiffness for better response with speed.

  • Double Impact Plates –  Added underneath each binding area to improve compressive strength and prevent board breaks where it matters most

  • SidewallsRoll-In Slimewall® –  Unique 3D structure built around the urethane Slimewall® sidewalls. Designed to increase overall board strength, prevent topsheet chipping, and reduce weight.

  • Sintered 4000 Base –  High-end sintered 4000 Ptex base material that is more durable, harder and faster than extruded.

  • EdgesCleave Edge™ Steel –  Nearly 50% more steel, delivers unmatched resistance to edge cracking and can be detuned to larger radii. Ride's Austrian-made steel wraps the entire perimeter of your board for the best delam protection around.

  • TopsheetTopless Construction –  By transferring graphics directly to the fiberglass, Topless Construction removes the need to have any topsheet material. This process improves overall durability and reduces weight.

  • Binding Compatibility2 x 4 Inserts

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