Ride Twin Pig

Ride Twin Pig

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A proud member of the Warpig series, the Twinpig features a softer flex with an asymmetrical hybrid shape for easy maneuverability in all conditions. Ride built this board with a Foundation Tuned Core for strength, durability, and pop. Featuring an asymmetrical quadratic sidecut, the edges feature a blend of three different radius' on each edge to improve turn initiation and exit. From pipes and rails to trees and groomers, this board will take you anywhere and keep you begging for more.


  • Asymmetric Hybrid Twin 

  • Quadratic Sidecut 

  • Foundation Tuned Core 

  • Hybrid Triax/Biax Fiberglass 

  • Double Impact Plates 

  • Extruded Base 

  • Topless Topsheet Construction 

  • Cleave Edge 

  • Roll In Slimewalls: Fiberglass Casing 

  • 3 Year Warranty

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