Jones Mercury

Jones Mercury


NEW from Jones!

Designed with unique, swappable bushings and Flip-It ankle straps, the new Jones Mercury Snowboard Bindings can switch between a looser Surf Mode or a more locked-in Freeride Mode.

Ideal for the rider who likes to rail out carves on hardpack when conditions are firm, but lay down surfy slashes when the pow arrives, the Mercury Snowboard Bindings offer the best of both freestyle and freeride performance.


  • Flex Rating (1 Playful - 10 Powerful) –  5 - 8

  • Highback Flex Rating (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) –  6

  • NOW Skate Tech –  The components of the NOW Skate Tech design mimic the function of a skateboard truck. The "Hanger" acts as a lever that transfers energy input from the straps to the "Bushings" and onto the board edges.

  • Kingpin –  Creates a fulcrum that magnifies edge to edge energy transfer through leverage. Made from stainless steel with 4mm allen key hardware.

  • Hanger 2.0 Nylon Reinforced with 30% Fiberglass –  Creates a lever that pivots on the Kingpin. Transfers energy input from straps to bushings onto board edges. Baseless design allows for even board flex.

  • Swappable Bushings (Soft and Hard Bushings Included) –  Jones bindings offer customizable dampening and response by switching between Surf Mode and Freeride Mode. Surf Mode lets you tweak harder, while Freeride Mode keeps you locked in for maximum response. Switch modes by changing the bushings from soft (Surf Mode) to hard (Freeride Mode) and adjusting the Flip-It ankle straps.

  • Nylon / Recycled Carbon Post

  • Flex Hinge Highback –  Designed for balanced response and flex. A higher medial side follows leg angles while a lateral side hook provides added support. Flex Hinge technology dampens chatter and eliminates calf-bite.

  • Flip-It Ankle Strap –  The Flip-It strap allows you to interchange the ankle straps between the left and right binding to create custom response. Ride with the ankle straps in Freeride Mode for more lateral support and board response, or flip the straps into Surf Mode for solid heel support, but more ankle flexibility for getting loose.

  • 3D Toe Straps EVA Combo

  • Tool-Less Adjuster Straps

  • Buckles 2.0 –  Redesigned with stronger levers and updated springs. These new buckles can take more abuse than ever and offer durability and peace of mind.

  • FlushCup Technology

  • HighCup Compatibility

  • Mounting Compatibility –  Includes 4x4 and EST (Channel) discs.

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