Salomon QST Stella 106

Salomon QST Stella 106


Adventurous women who live for the steep and deep have been choosing the Salomon QST Stella 106 Skis for several seasons as their go-to powder tool, and the Stella 106 gets even better for 2019. Still as light and maneuverable as ever, but now with a full length layer of basalt in addition to the C/FX³ carbon flax strip, the new Stella is quieter and more assured on chattery hard surfaces and high speeds.


  • Twin Rocker –  Long, medium height rocker profile at the tip and tail enables easy pivoting with maximum flotation and maneuverability in powder. The ski retains a long contact zone on edge with camber in the middle of the ski for stability and edge grip. 

  • Carve Zone –  The traditionally cambered section of twin rocker skis, where the side-cut is focused fro more power, energy and edge grip. 

  • 136-106-126 Dimensions

  • Lengths: 159, 167, or 174

  • Spaceframe 3.0 FR –  Bi-directional design philosophy built to perform in powder and soft snow, thanks to twin rocker and a Koroyd tip and tail.

  • Hook Free Taper –  This ski has a 5 point sidecut, where the tip and tail taper in the narrow at the extremities for easier turn initiation and steering in soft and variable snow conditions. 

  • STEEEELLLA!! A great balance of performance in both powder and on groomed trails, and exceptional handing for everything in between. With a wide size range it can be tailored to suit any skier from intermediate and higher, and can be set up as someone’s only, 2nd or even 3rd ski.

  • Light Poplar Full Woodcore

  • Koroyd Honeycomb Tip & Tail –  The lightest extremities for better flotation, less inertia for easier steering and more control while increasing dampening and shock resistance.

  • Laminates

  • C/FX³ Laminates –  Unique prepreg fiber layer consisting of Carbon, Basalt and Flax woven together, running the full length of the ski. Combines the incredible strength and minimal weight of carbon fiber for stability and reinforcement, with an increased level of dampening and vibration absorption above and beyond anything found on traditional carbon and light ski constructions. Patented and exclusive to Salomon. 

  • Ti Power Platform –  Titanal insert edge-to-edge.

  • Pulse Pad –  Two layers of rubber elastomer in the tip, tail and underfoot give shock absorption and improve durability of ski. 

  • Full Sandwich Sidewall 360° –  Full sandwich with ABS sidewall construction extending around the entire sidewall length for increased ski/snow contact, added strength and great terrain adaptation.

  • Total Edge Reinforcement –  A fiber reinforcement directly on the edges that provides edge stiffness for improved durability and grip.

  • Binding Compatibility - We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.

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