K2 Mindbender 85 Alliance

K2 Mindbender 85 Alliance


Rediscover the joys of frontside and side-piste skiing with the the powerful K2 Alluvit 88 Ti Skis.

Built upon a lightweight BIOkonic construction with a metal laminate for a smoother, damper, and more plow-through-anything ride, the Alluvit 88 Ti Skis are nimble from edge to edge, stable at speed, and right at home on hardpack snow.

Great for strong skiers who prefer to spend the majority of their time skiing on-piste, the K2 Alluvit 88 Ti Skis are all that and then some!


  • 128-88-110 Dimensions

  • All-Terrain Rocker –  Designed for all ability levels, All-Terrain Rocker adds versatility and ease in all snow conditions. This profile features an elevated tip and tail for variable and soft snow performance, as well as camber underfoot for power, energy, and edgehold in firmer conditions.

  • Bioflex Konic Technology –  Revolutionary, women's specific core design that redistributes weight to the ski's perimeter providing power, strength, and stability directly over the edge for performance, while reducing swing-weight by removing mass from the center and extremities for added ease and control. 5% reduction in weight but a 15% reduction in swing weight.

  • Fir –  Stiff, strong, dense wood for solid edge to edge performance.

  • Aspen –  Lightweight and resilient, great all-around material.

  • Metal Laminate –  A metal laminate construction, denoted as "Ti" within K2's naming convention, consists of alternating layers of fiberglass and Titanal to provide damp, accurate, unshake-able performance.

  • Triaxial Braid –  A K2-patented machine interlocks strands of fiberglass around a milled core for pronounced torsional strength, while retaining the lively flex patterns inherent in a wood ski.

  • Hybritech Sidewalls –  Blending a sidewall construction underfoot with a full cap construction in the extremities. The sidewall section gives the ski accuracy, power and performance while the capped regions reduce overall ski weight and ease turn initiation and finish.

  • Binding Compatibility - We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.

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