Head Wild Joy w/ Attack 12 Bdg.

Head Wild Joy w/ Attack 12 Bdg.

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As the name suggests, the Head Wild Joy Skis are an all mountain tool for the woman who desires to go wherever the snow's the best, whether that be on the groomed or out through the BC gates.

With a versatile 90 mm waist and ample width at the tip and tail, the Wild Joy enjoys the best of both powder and packed performance. The "Wild" is light and nimble, making for the ideal tree ski, and features a tail notch for skin attachment.

Free skier Magazine’s Editor’s Choice this ski gets to and comments are as follows:

Is there any phrase more symbolic of the exuberance we derive from the act of sliding down mountains than “wild joy”? Turns out this ski boasts more than just a killer name. Our testers wouldn’t stop gushing about the Wild Joy’s all-terrain capabilities. “Can really pump the turns or ride it smooth and mellow,” said tester Mo Mitchell. “This ski gets straight to the point… fast, stable and stiff,” added Casey Jillson. “Fun ski, reactive and easy to use.” There’s no learning curve here: just click right in and enjoy the Graphene, Koroyd and carbon-fiber layered construction, manufactured to provide a ski stiff and powerful enough to rip with confidence and light enough to allow you to do so all day long.


  • Allride Rocker –  Equally at home on bulletproof snow as it is in powder. This profile uses early rise in the tip with regular camber throughout the rest of the ski.

  • Women's Camber –  Lower profile for easy turn completion and performance with sustained grip and control.

  • ERA 3.0 –  A masterful blend of three independently important technologies to make the ultimate all-mountain skis. Rocker, radius and rebound = rocker done right.

  • Libra Ski Architecture –  Through the use of Graphene, Head is able to manipulate the geometric profile and weight distribution of the ski. Depending on the nature of the ski model, type of skier and expected snow conditions, Head fine-tunes the weight and flex distribution to optimize the skiing experience.

  • GKC Superlite Core –  Developed with the most sophisticated material known to man, the Superlite sandwich construction uses Graphene, Koroyd and carbon to guarantee the lightest ski in the world without compromising on performance. The ultimate construction for a high performing women's ski.

  • 130-90-119 Dimensions

  • Lengths: 153, 158, 163, 168, 173 (not all sizes are available instore but can be ordered)

  • Targeted to better women skier, that ski as fast in powder as they do on groomed. They have the technique and skill to make the 90mm width work in any condition.

  • Graphene –  Graphene is the strongest, thinnest and lightest material known to mankind. Lighter than wood and metal, yet harder than diamond or steel.

  • Koroyd –  Super strong, elastic and incredibly light, this honeycomb material is at the heart of the GKC ski construction.

  • Carbon Glass Fiber / Carbon

  • Sandwich Cap Construction

  • Structured Transparent UHM Base

  • Binding Compatibility - We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.

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