Head Kore 87

Head Kore 87


Make no mistake about it, this is a “real” ski for great junior skiers or the lighter lady looking for more width for freeriding all over the mountain, slaying powlines without sinking, for landing that big air they think they’re getting...watch out mom and dad.

The Kore 87 is the perfect freeski for experienced kids and juniors venturing off piste for the first time. The float in this ski is impressive. This makes for a fun introduction to the new world of freeride and deep powder. Because it turns so easily, you can manage several turns in the powder even after a few tries. That gives you a comfortable feeling and it's not long before the juniors feel at home in their new world.


  • Waist width: 87mm

  • Lengths: 135, 144, 153 and 162

  • Topless Tech construction is topped with a polyester fleece (that’s what you’re seeing) rather than a standard topsheet for a extremely lightweight build. A carbon weave layer underneath provides torsional rigidity for response and ski control.

  • Extremely thin Graphene layer (superstrong, superlight material - think Head Joy skis) is fused at the tip and tail to both reduce and redistribute weight throughout the ski. Its strength allows an ultra-thin tip profile that works with the rocker to improve float and help the ski to knife through heavy, deep snow with less drag.

  • 2-part Split Sidewalls stack together shorter hard and soft density sidewalls (instead of only one material) to improve durability, smoother feel along the snow with excellent edgehold.

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