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1442 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB, T2T 0C8

403 245 4311

Ski Cellar Snowboard is Calgary's Original Freeride Ski and Snowboard store dedicated to fuelling your obsession.   We are dedicated to providing the best in service, products, and support for everyone that shares our common passion.



Atomic Bent Chetler Mini

There comes a time in every young shredders life where they need to step into a ski that can actually keep up with Mom and Dad in the fluffy stuff.

Let the powder hound in them loose with the Atomic Backland BC Mini Skis - the rockered tip and tail and 90 mm waist width are the perfect combination of float and downday fun versatility.

Get 'em a setup that wants to play as much as they do with the Atomic Backland BC Mini Skis.


  • 127-90-118


  • Powder Rocker 10 / 90 / 0 –  Tip rocker with camber underfoot creates a supremely versatile platform that excels in powder, crud, and everything in between.


  • Adaptive Dimensions –  As the length of skis goes up, the dimensions and V-shape of the ski also changes -- not just in ratio but specifically to match the skiing of each age group.


  • Densolite Core –  A foam core that's agile and dampens vibrations -- for effortless skiing.


  • Atomic Topsheets –  Lightweight and highly resistant (made from 50% rapeseed oil).


  • Step Down Sidewall –  Features a symmetrical step on each end that's stable, light, and durable.


  • Atomic Base –  7000-series sintered bases that are fast on any snow, can stand up to anything, and are easy to maintain.


  • Atomic Edges –  Hardened steel for durability and perfect edge grip.


  • We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.

$299.95 Cdn


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