Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 130

Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 130


The Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 130 Ski Boots came out swinging last fall and set a new bar for power and precision in a superlight boot.

Weighing in at 1400 grams per boot in a 26.5, the Hawx Ultra XTD beats many popular touring boots at their own weight game, and handily whips them in the stiffness category.

With a 54˚ range of cuff motion and walk mode and pivot hardware courtesy of the proven Backland Series, the XTD series enjoys a smooth uphill mode you'll have to experience to believe. The Hawx Ultra XTD has a moderately narrow forefoot with ample volume over the instep region, and can be heat molded using Atomic’s Memory Fit process to fit most average to slightly wider than average feet.

If you're looking for one boot to rule the alpine, sidecountry and touring realms of your ski kingdom, the Hawx Ultra XTD 130 Ski Boots may just be the new heir to the throne.


  • Fit: Last: 98 mm –  Narrow Fit

  • Memory Fit –  Advanced heat-fitting technology creates a fully personalized shell, cuff and liner in minutes. The key is Memolink, Atomic's special additive that improves the moldability and stretch of their plastics. Expansion can be up to 6mm forefoot width and up to 10mm ankle width, resulting in a permanent and complete anatomical fit in minutes. See your bootfitter for details.

  • Bootfitter's Notes –  The Hawx Ultra XTD is roomier than most 98 mm boots and can be heat molded to accommodate many average width feet. The shell can also be punched for extra width after completing the Memory Fit process. Very snug fit around the base of the ankle.

  • Flex: 130 –  Hard charging, stiff flexing boot for the utmost performance.

  • Memory Fit 3D Platinum Light Liner –  Heat moldable, with pre-shaped heel and ankle pockets.

  • Breathable, Washable Liner –  Perforated construction with waterproof membrane for good breathability. Keeps your feet dry and warm.

  • Prolite –  Instead of starting with a standard construction and cutting material away to save weight, Prolite does the opposite. It starts with the slimmest possible profile and then builds up reinforcements in key areas where strength is needed - like the Energy Backbone down each boot spine.

  • Energy Backbone –  A reinforced, asymmetric backbone providing extra strength for powerful skiing plus enhanced lateral energy transmission for better edge grip.

  • True Flex –  Atomic's True Flex PU and Grilamid shell materials maintain a consistent flex and feel in a wide range of temperatures.

  • Shell –  Grilamid

  • Cuff –  Grilamid

  • 15˚ or 17˚ Forward Lean –  Remove the Free/Lock 2.0 lever and flip the backer chip to change forward lean.

  • 13˚ Forward Lean Chip Available Separately

  • 1 mm Offset Shell –  Truer Stance

  • 3˚ Shell Rotation

  • Free / Lock 2.0 Walk Mechanism –  Taken from the successful Backland line, the Free/Lock 2.0 lever and Frictionless Pivots provide a smooth 54˚ of cuff movement for climbing, plus 15˚-17˚ adjustable forward lean for skiing.

  • Frictionless Pivot –  Igus polymer bushings reduce resistance and add durability for completely natural movement and effortless ascents.

  • 6000-Series Aluminum Buckles

  • 50 mm Velcro Strap

  • Skywalk ISO 9523 Touring-WTR Soles –  Compatible with tech, tech toe / alpine heel, MNC, WTR and ISO 9523 compatible bindings.

  • Dynafit Certified Tech Inserts

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