Marker 11 TP

Marker 11 TP


The Marker 11.0 TP Ski Bindings are a consistent top-seller for intermediate to advanced women and young adults who want a simple, light and reliable binding with a super confidence-inspiring click-in and release.


  • Triple Pivot Compact 2 Toe – The compact toe features a horizontally inserted spring. Together with the gliding plate the gliding elements integrated into the sole holders ensure a very precise release behavior which is comparable to all other Marker bindings. Why should touring skiers and freestylers accept any compromises? An aluminium bridge on the top provides additional support without adding any extra weight.

  • AFD Gliding Plate – All Marker bindings (except the Jester Pro) are equipped with a moveable AFD (Anti Friction Device), allowing a precise release unhindered by dirt, snow, and ice buildup. The type of AFD is matched to the skier type, ensuring perfect functionality from racing to junior and even alpine touring.

  • TCX Light Heel – The next logical step in the improvement of Marker's Twincam heel, with more power, higher elasticity in the release and an optimized performance curve. The new construction increases the boot and ski connectivity for a longer period, even in extremely steep terrain, ensuring precise ski guidance until released. It also offers improved power transfer through the wider connection of the heel rail (43 mm). The TC heel’s familiar effective step-in behavior has also been further improved.

  • Stand Height (Toe / Heel) – 16.5 / 18 mm

  • Recommended Skier Weight – 65 - 240 lbs

  • Compatible with Alpine 5355 and GripWalk Soles

  • Ski Compatibility - We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.

  • Boot Sole Type: Alpine DIN (ISO 5355), GripWalk

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