Look Pivot 18 Forza

Look Pivot 18 Forza



The trustworthy binding choice of the best skiers – and for good reason – the 2019 Pivot 18 sees the introduction of a new AFD that lets you use both your alpine and GripWalk soled boots, as well as being compatible with crossover touring soles too. No matter where your skiing takes you, you can be equipped with the reliable release and immense downhill performance of the Pivot.

Elastic feels

The Pivot is designed for reliable retention, and as much elastic travel as possible that snaps back to centre position quickly for excellent shock absorption. The heel piece of the Pivot is designed to rotate directly under your tibia, drastically reducing the risk of pre-release.

Wait, no swing weight?

The Pivot has the shortest mounting zones of any alpine binding you can find, it knocks swing weight on its head, gives you more precise response and lets your ski flex the way it’s designed to. Seven contact point help to transfer your energy to the ski efficiently.


  • GripWalk Compatible AFD

  • Reliable Turntable Heel Piece

  • Shorter mounting zone that allows ski to flex

  • 7 Contact point for maximum energy transmission

  • DIN range - 18

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