Line Sick Day 88

Line Sick Day 88


Ready to graduate from those beat up old rentals and try something new? You're in the right place, the Line Skis Sick Day 88 Skis are ideal for the front-side ripper wanting to progress and get on something a little wider.

88mm underfoot is a very approachable waist width; great for laying into your edge on firm groomers but offering better float and stability through chopped up snow than a pure carver. Versatility is the name of the game; take your skiing to the next level with the Line Skis Sick Day 88.


  • Early Rise™ –  Tip and tail lift away from the snow to bring the contact points closer to the center of the ski. This increases a ski's lift in deep snow and allows it to engage more quickly on hardpack.

  • Rocker Profile –  7mm Tip / 5mm Camber / 2mm Tail

  • Directional Flex –  The softer tip floats and initiates turns easily while the stiffer tail provides power, stability and high speed control.

  • Flex Rating (1 Soft - 8 Stiff) –  6

  • 5-Cut™ –  Five different radiuses are blended into the ski's sidecut. The result? A wide variety of turn shapes and an intuitive feel.

  • 127-88-113 Dimensions

  • Lengths: 165, 172 and 179

  • Wider all mountain profile for a skier rolling a one ski setup, that prefers groomer performance over how the ski will work on the backside or in softer snow, but still wants the ski handle those days. Goes right up against the Pinnacle 88 and the Experience 88.

  • Early Taper™ –  The widest part of the sidecut begins tapering earlier in the tip and tail which reduces tail hook ups in powder.

  • Thin Tip™ –  Super thin core & sidewall in the tips are 100 grams lighter per pair for reduced swing weight & tip bounce.

  • Aspenlite™ Core –  100% Aspen for the lightest, most nimble feel.

  • Carbon Magic Fingers™ –  A wide array of carbon stretching from tip to tail for added stability without sacrificing weight.

  • 4D Fibercap™ Construction –  4 directions of fiberglass are woven across the top of the core for durability without unnecessary weight.

  • Sintered 1.3mm Base

  • 2.1 x 2mm Edges

  • Hardcap TPU Topsheet

  • Stance Back from Center –  -70.0mm

  • Mounting Distance from Tail –  79.8cm

  • Binding Compatibility - We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.

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