K2 Mindbender 99 TI

K2 Mindbender 99 TI


No customer profile, no focus groups, no deep analysis of what wins magazine tests. We simply set out to make the skis we wanted to make. Skis that would let us push free riding in new directions and make it goddamn more fun. Speed is fun, so is smearing, slapping, slashing, and fooling around with your friends.

So here is the all-new 2019/20 Mindbender Freeride collection - it includes skis and boots (next year) - men’s and women’s models. We used plenty of science and high-level design in their creation, but in the end it was our gut that drove us.

Bend your mind around that.


  • We’re not suggesting you only need one pair of skis but if you did, the Mindbender 99TI is that ski. Quick, agile, powerful and stable, the feeling that you get from this ski is difficult to put into words

  • Only available at our Macleod Trail location on a limited quantity basis

  • Dimensions: 138-99-123

  • Rocker: All Terrain Rocker

  • Radius: 18.5m @ 184

  • Core: Maple/Aspen

  • Torsion Control Design - independently tuned torsional stiffness & longitudinal flex which equals a precise forebody, which is powerful underfoot and has a very maneuverable tail

  • Titanium Y-Beam - optimized titanal geometry that allows the torsional and longitudinal stiffness to be adjusted independently. Delivers the highest levels of precision and stability in a damp, stable platform

  • Powerwall

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