Head V Shape v4 LYT w/ PR 11 Bdg.

Head V Shape v4 LYT w/ PR 11 Bdg.


Allows beginner/intermediate skiers the stability, ease and control they need to progress in both technique and confidence, as they increase their skiing speed across all conditions.


  • Waist width: 73mm

  • Lengths: 149, 156, 163, 170 and 177

  • Slight rocker at the tip improves the handling on groomed and especially in softer snow.

  • Lowered camber profile through the rest of the ski keeping the ski at a smooth rebound level and helps to maintain good contact through the turn.

  • The sidecut shape takes less edge angle to start to engage the edge at the rockered section. This allows more edge on the snow for more grip over other rockered designs.

  • Lightweight synthetic core and “cap on top of sidewall” construction gives the ski an easy flex from tip to tail, but the construction provide just the right amount of torsional stiffness to allow the ski to hold a turn as the skier learns to get the ski higher on edge.

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