Atomic Vantage X86 TI w/ Warden 13 Bdg.

Atomic Vantage X86 TI w/ Warden 13 Bdg.

899.95 999.00

A top-end all mountain ski directed at groomed that will have any good skier stringing together every swear word they know when they finally come to stop after their first lap. Not a lot of skis can compete with this...seriously.


  • Waist width: 83mm

  • Lengths: 161, 168, 175 and 182

  • Carbon Tank Mesh is a layer of ultra-rigid woven mesh that adds strength across the whole face of the ski controlling torque and gives the ski solid contact on the snow when up on edge. Works with the titanium backbone that reinforces the middle of the ski from tip to tail.

  • Extra full sidewalls underfoot have impressive power transfer down to the snow and help to filter vibrations for a solid, locked in ride feel. Flex grooves allow the ski to bend and hold deeply in the turn for a fluid, circular feel and really manageable rebound.

  • Ski’s profile has 3D shaping with slanted sides and reinforced ridges to reduce swingweight (about 20% total weight), add rigidity and stop the topsheet from chipping/scratching. Thinned tip and tail profile really cut into the snow for extra edge grip.

  • Power wood core is the same engine used in performance skis to deliver a solid, stable, and quiet ride but with a great sense of life and feel for the snow.

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