Atomic Vantage 107 TI

Atomic Vantage 107 TI


Meet the Atomic Vantage 107 Ti Skis, a tenacious setup for top to bottom full-speed rippers that have an appreciation for big mountain power moves and rock solid piste performance alike.

Take advantage of superior handling characteristics on a stable platform thanks to a full length Titanal mesh insert, full sidewalls for grip and instant response, and the width you need for navigating pristine powder and chop alike. Ample rocker in the tip with slight tail rise and a HRZN tech tip reduce deflection and improve float.

Lay siege to the mountain, anytime, any place with the Atomic Vantage 107 Ti Skis underfoot.

Free skier Magazine’s Editors pick is what this ski was chosen for and the comments are as follows:

Tester Tae Westcott summed up the Atomic Vantage 107 Ti with this statement: “I felt like I could ski 100 mph through anything!” His testing compatriot Mikey Wechsler added, “Super fun, playful, quick and nimble.” Atomic achieved this balance of power and weight savings through a new construction called Prolite. The brand begins the build with the slimmest possible chassis constructed around a centered layer of Titanium tank mesh, then builds up reinforcements where more strength is needed. Slight rocker in the tip and tail with camber underfoot also up the versatility. The end product is agile and easy to ski but rips down the mountain like a bat out of hell.


  • All Mountain Rocker –  20% Tip Rocker / 70% Camber / 10% Tail Rocker

  • 137-107-124 Dimensions

  • Prolite Construction –  Instead of starting with a standard construction and cutting material away to save weight, Prolite does the opposite. It starts with the slimmest possible profile and then builds up reinforcements in key areas where strength is needed - like the Energy Backbone down each ski edge.

  • HRZN Tech Tip –  HRZN Tech adds 10% more surface area at your ski tips. For awesome flotation in powder plus less tip deflection and better tracking through chop.

  • Power Woodcore –  A sporty, dynamic ash and poplar woodcore that adds a ton of stability and dampens vibrations at speed.

  • Energy Backbone –  Reinforcement in key zones giving extra strength and edge grip for powerful skiing.

  • Titanium Tank Mesh –  A layer of lightweight Titanal mesh inserted to add strength from tip to tail.

  • Structured Topsheet –  A structured topsheet massively increases durability and gives a high quality finish.

  • Full Sidewall –  Runs across the full length of the ski for precise steering.

  • World Cup Base Finish

  • Atomic Edges –  Atomic edges are made from steel five times more wear resistant than standard steel, for strength and perfect grip.

  • Binding Compatibility - We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.

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