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1442 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB, T2T 0C8

403 245 4311

Ski Cellar Snowboard is Calgary's Original Freeride Ski and Snowboard store dedicated to fuelling your obsession.   We are dedicated to providing the best in service, products, and support for everyone that shares our common passion.



Ride Insano

The Insano is here to put your foot in a steel cage of comfort while giving the boot to loose laces and heel lift. Stepping into the Insano is no different than stepping into the steel cage with a WWE wrestler; it can be intimidating. The Insano is a stiff-flexing boot that allows for maximum response, but stiff boots don't have to feel like a flying elbow drop to the arches. The Insano has comfort locked up in a camel clutch with our high-end Intuition Dream Liner for a heat moldable custom fit. Our Slime Tongue, features strategically injected urethane to stop the chatter faster than a folding chair to the back of a bald dude's head. Michelin Peak Sole provides traction on any turnbuckle, and the dual Focus BOA Closure System ensures you'll never get tied up in the ropes again. The Insano is a stiff-flexing boot with high-end features that ensures you've got foot pain banished to parts unknown and heel lift pinned for the three-count.



Flex Rating –  9 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


  • Cored Ankle Pockets –  Create an anatomically correct fit for ultimate heel hold.
  • External J Bars –  Provide additional ankle and heel hold.
  • Internal J Bars –  Create superior ankel and heel hold with added support.
  • Articulating Cuff


  • Intuition™ Dream Liner –  Multi-density foam surrounded in a supportive skeletal structure for maximum rebound and dreamy performance. Ride's Intuition™ Foam can be custom formed on in-store heaters or will form to the shape of your foot over the course of a few days of riding. Combining Intuition™ Liner technology with an Aegis™ antimicrobial coating creates the lightest, warmest, best-forming, longest lasting liner available.
  • Aegis™ Antimicrobial Coating –  A coating that draws moisture away from the foot to make it odorless and bacteria free.
  • Lock Down™ Turbo Lacing –  A secure, no slack lace mechanism to lock your laces in place.
  • Tallboy Harness™ –  Ideal for all-around performance, the Tallboy extends higher above the ankle with a fourth lace loop for a supportive flex and responsive fit.
  • Boa® Slime Tongue™ –  Ride's exclusive Boa® Closure System Integrated Slime Tongue™. Combining the tightening of the Boa® Closure System with the durability and rebound of Slime Tongue™ takes these Ride boots to the next level.
  • Heat Reflective Foil –  Redirects heat from underneath the foot to help keep in the toasty warmth while charging up last chair.


  • Boa® Focus Closure System –  Speed lace system with reels that allow for a precise fit in two zones.
  • The Closer™ Lace Guide –  The Closer™ Lace Guide is centered over the forefoot to drive lace power down low to even the lace tension throughout the entire boot. Accompanied by Boa® Closure system, the even tightening of the Closer™ Lace Guide takes speed lacing to the next level and provides an incredibly comfortable fit.


  • Impacto™ Insole –  Multi-Density insole with an added support structure and impact element in the heel for cush landings and all day comfort.


  • Michelin® Peak Sole –  This sole is a durable blend of Michelin® Premium WIC and OC rubber compounds, gel pad, shank, and a phylon midsole that makes for a performance sole with game-changing winter traction.

$399.99 Cdn


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