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1442 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB, T2T 0C8

403 245 4311

Ski Cellar Snowboard is Calgary's Original Freeride Ski and Snowboard store dedicated to fuelling your obsession.   We are dedicated to providing the best in service, products, and support for everyone that shares our common passion.



Jones Solution

Whether you're looking to ditch the pesky resort ropes for the first time or want to upgrade to a quality split, the Jones Solution Splitboard should be your first stop.

As the best selling splitboard in the world, the Solution exemplifies "the journey is the reward" and is built for confidence and control in the wide variety of conditions that can be found in the backcountry. This season, Jones has added carbon stringers and updated the hardware to primo Karakoram Ultra clips for the best in responsiveness and stability no matter where you find yourself on the mountain.



  • Directional Rocker –  A hybrid rocker/camber flex pattern defined by more tip rocker then tail rocker and camber between the bindings. The rockered tip floats the board’s nose and improves maneuverability while the camber underfoot provides edge hold and response. A slightly rockered tail maintains the power and stability of a traditional board but helps keep the tail catch-free initiating turns and landing switch.


  • 8 –  (1 = Soft, 10 = Stiff)


  • Blunt Nose –  "How a board glides in powder, crust, corn or any snow more than an inch deep is dictated by it's front contact point and just past it. Next time you are in soft snow watch how much snow comes over the corner of the nose near the contact point. The billowing snow coming out from behind the tip means you are plowing through it which is obviously slowing you down. By adding a blunt nose you get the float benefits of a much longer nose without the 'snow plow' rounded tip and it's extra swing weight." - Jeremy Jones
  • Progressive Sidecut –  At the far ends of the sidecut, the radius is incrementally increased as the edge reaches the contact point. Gradually increasing the sidecut radius towards the contact point delivers smoother turn initiation and exit as the edge tracks in and out of the snow with a less abrupt transition.


  • Master Core –  Dual-density full premium wood poplar and paulownia core designed to maximize lightness and dampening.


  • Carbon Stringers –  Carbon stringers add torsional stiffness for improved response and increased pop. A carbon layer keeps the flex profile dimensionally stable for a consistent ride for the lifetime of the board.
  • Stainless Steel Reinforcement –  Stainless steel plates are embedded into the nose and tail for improved board tip durability.


  • Recycled ABS Sidewalls –  ABS plastic is one of the necessary evils of snowboard production. We improve the sustainability of our snowboards by using only recycled plastic.


  • Sintered 9900 Base –  Sintered Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene with carbon additives
  • Flip Flop Base –  By flip flopping the base graphic colors, P-Tex waste is drastically reduced by increasing the material yield.


  • Inner and Outer Mellow Magne-Traction –  Like a serrated knife slicing into the snow, Magne-Traction improves your edge grip by adding multiple contact points along the running length of your board. "Magne-Traction is a critical feature for rockered boards. Rocker improves glide in mixed conditions, but the decreased edge contact makes it harder to really lock into your turns and hold a solid edge. Magne-Traction is crucial to offset the edge drift of rocker." - Jeremy Jones
  • Oversized Recycled Edges –  All Jones boards are made with oversized recycled steel edges for added durability and improved production sustainability.


  • Eco-Plastic Topsheet –  Bio-plastic topsheet made from Castor beans. This eco-material is ultralight, chip/scratch resistant and water/snow repellent (snow sticks less to topsheet).


  • Karakoram Ultra Clips –  New ULTRA clips are lower profile, stronger and increase compression between board halves.
  • Bolt-Less Bridge –  Eliminates split clip attachment hardware from the base of the board by re-profiling the wood core at the clips. The wood core under the clips is thicker providing better torsional stiffness and a more powerful connection at the split clips.
  • Quick Tension Tail –  Built-in climbing skin tension system using a pre-cut notch that eliminates the need for a traditional skin tail clip.
  • Factory Tuned –  All Jones snowboards are factory de-tuned at the tip and tail so you can go right from the shop to the mountain.
  • Wend Natural Wax –  Jones boards are ready to shred straight out of the shop and are factory waxed with WEND natural wax.

$1149.99 Cdn



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