Athlete Program

To qualify for this program:

1) Must be a member of a sanctioned Alberta or British Columbia club.

2) Must be either a ski or snowboard athlete or a coach and must compete or coach on a regular basis.

3) Must be able to provide a copy of their club registration or current coaching affiliation.

Program includes:

1) All clothing and accessories, and any equipment that does not fall under Alpine Race Specific product or our Ride It Return It Program – 10% off of regular price or sale price whichever is greater.

2) Race Specific Alpine Gear – special pricing is available. Contact Peter Lane (403-245-4311) or Chris Swiecicki (403-253-7788) for full information.

3) Nancy Greeners – we offer our Ride It Return It (guaranteed trade in) packages. Full details on our web site or in store. No discount applies.

4) Discounts apply all season but supply of some products may be limited so it is recommended to shop early.

Your fun is our obsession:)




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